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Described as the Gold Capital of the world, Kalgoorlie and the surrounding regions of Boulder and Coolgardie were the site of one of Australia’s great gold rushes when Paddy Hannan first discovered payable gold near Coolgardie in 1893.

In the resultant gold rush the population boomed to over 30,000. The region is still one of the worlds richest gold producers as modern mining methods are used to reach the deeper deposits.  The “super pit” mine in the Golden mile has given up more than 700,00 ounces of gold in a year.

The Super Pit Lookout offers a panoramic view of mining on the Golden Mile.

Visitors are well catered for with a wide range of accommodation, day tours and attractions. Including the Hannans North Display and tourist mine, and the famous bush two up gambling school.

Reach Kalgoorlie by fast rail or include the region in a self-drive tour or fly-in package with Skywest airlines. Many coach tours to the Goldfields operate from Perth.


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