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About Us

Motive Tours Australia & VisitWA, a division of Motive Travel, offers the absolute best in personalised holiday experiences, specialised group/corporate travel, event planning and
concierge services in Australia. Our travel management experience and extensive knowledge of Australia (especially Western Australia) have made us one of the most reliable and memorable inbound tour operators in the country. We can accommodate Leisure, Corporate, Groups or Individual travellers. Our services include booking your accommodation, transfers & tours to any location in Australia. Whatever travel requirements you have, we can make it happen. Motive Tours Australia is a licensed (9TA00504) and accredited Australian-owned travel and tour company based in Perth, Western Australia and a member of the Travel Compensation Fund (Member No: 3407) which protects our clients. “We find the most memorable aspect of travel is not just the attractions and activities, but more the interaction with the local people. Meeting and mixing with fellow travelers and local people really make the best experience. We  take a personal interest in every booking and by selecting Motive Tours to help plan and book your travel you are assured of enjoying an outstanding holiday. We look forward to hearing from you soon.” 

More about us

  • We are a fully licensed inbound travel agency, with over 30 years experience in related travel/tourism industries.
  • Our company is exclusively engaged in planning and booking holiday visits to Australia (our specialist regions are Western Australian and the Northern Territory). We have built relationships with many hotels/B&B’s and tour operators and consider ourselves totally qualified to help you with your visit to the land Down Under
  • We are based in Perth where we maintain a 24 hour service desk. We take a personal interest in every booking and most of our clients book with us direct on the internet. We have evaluated and established trusting relationships with our accommodation owners and tour operators – the best in the industry
  • We book hundreds of trips each year and make regular visits to all of our recommended destinations, our own travel experiences have taught us all the tricks, options and pitfalls; what restaurants to recommend etc. We are creative in our tour planning and will share with you the ‘must see and do’ activities as well as the ones you’ll want to avoid
  • For our services, our company gets paid commissions by your destination host … not by you! It’s our job to get you the best value for your dollar and we do just that. No inflated pricing just to bump up commissions
  • If by an outside chance the planned becomes unplanned or you need help while on your vacation; we are here for you! Give us a call and we’ll do everything in our power to help you out.