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Frequently Asked Questions


Do you have brochures?

No, we don’t. That’s because each holiday is tailor made to your requirements. We have vast amounts of local knowledge and literature and up-to-date information on our various destinations and so can provide all relevant information if required.

When do I pay the balance?

The balance of your holiday is payable 6 weeks before departure, or in full at the time of booking if within 6 weeks. We can take payment by cash, cheque or credit card (1.5% surcharge for credit card payments).

How much do the holidays cost?

As each holiday is tailor made, there is no standard price. But we can work with you to your budget in creating your holidays. Please contact us to discuss further.

When should I expect my tickets/documents?

You will receive your tickets approximately 3 weeks prior to departure, plenty of time to read through everything, and call us if you have any queries. For overseas visitors your docs will be waiting for you at your first hotel or with our driver on an airport meet and greet. Prior to departure you will be emailed a fully detailed tour plan.

What documents will I need?

For all journeys overseas you will need your passport. Each passenger must have their own passport (including all children), and in general this should be valid for six months from your return date. Some countries require less time than this. You’ll also need a tourist Visa to enter Australia – have a look at this link for instructions on how to obtain one: https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/getting-a-visa/visa-finder

What clothes should I take?

The best answer to this one is as few as possible – at some stage you are going to have to carry it!! Pretty well everywhere will have either a guest laundry or valet service to get up to date with the washing. Unless you are staying at a particularly up-market establishment, gentlemen will not usually need a shirt and tie – ask us for advice. Some cruises, and luxury rail journeys offer the opportunity to dress for dinner, but in general you can leave the dinner jacket, ball gown and crown jewels at home! For day to day wear, we suggest taking layers. If it is warm you have a thin layer, if it turns chilly, you can add another. Take a light weight rain layer, and a thin fleece type garment or pullover. You can double up the rain jacket with the fleece to make a warmer coat if necessary.

Is my destination safe?

Any and every city in the world has crime, some are worse than others. In general, be sensible. If you walk down any city street with two cameras, expensive jewellery and a laptop on display you may attract unwanted attention. Equally, when self-driving, hire a car that is big enough to get your entire luggage in the trunk – luggage/cameras etc on display on the back seat is not advisable.

Is there an age limit on car hire?

The lower age limit will either be 21 years or 25 years with a full clean license. In general there is no upper limit as long as you hold a full license.

What else should I know about car hire?

You will always need your driving licence, and possibly your passport to support it if you have the old-fashioned type of license. A credit card will be required as a deposit when you hire the vehicle. The credit card should belong to the lead driver. Always check that you have the correct insurance. Your holiday insurance should cover you for Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) and Personal Effects Insurance (PEI) – you should not need to take these out separately with the car hire, although most car hire depots will ask if you would like it.

Accommodation: How will I know what is included?

We will confirm exactly the room type and the meal basis we have booked for you, and this will be shown on your voucher. There are a couple of things to remember:

  • When you check into almost any property you will be asked for credit card details, and this will be used to cover any incidentals such as breakfast (if it is not already included), drinks, laundry, phone calls etc
  • Almost without exception, rooms will be en suite, and this will contain a WC, basin, shower and/or bath.
  • Although we will often advise against having a hire car in a city, in some cases it is appropriate. There may be an additional charge for car parking, which will be added to your incidentals account.
  • Many rooms will have a double/double or queen/queen configuration – this means it has two beds. Beware that whilst we refer to room types as a twin or a double, in other countries the meaning may be different!
  • If you have a specific request – including either a smoking or a non-smoking room, a room with a view, a low or high floor or any other request – please ask us. Requests can not be guaranteed, but we will do our best for you.

If you have a question that isn’t answered here please contact me using the form below-