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Rottnest Island

Rottnest Thompsons Bay

When Dutch explorer William De Vlamingh landed on an island off the Western Australian coast in 1696 he mistook small kangaroo like marsupials as rats and named the island “Rats Nest” These small animals known as Quokkas are now a popular attraction. The island’s name was later anglicised to Rottnest.

First used as a penal settlement in later years Rottnest became a popular holiday resort and numerous colonies of rental holiday apartments, bungalows and cottages have been developed around the island to accommodate visitors on all budgets.

Rottnest Island is easily reached by fast ferry from Perth City or from Fremantle.There are no private motor vehicles on the island and the most popular form of transport is the bicycle, which may be hired by the hour or the day. Rottnest is a popular day trip from Perth as visitors are treated to some of the most pristine bays and swimming beaches found anywhere in the world.