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Armadale vertical

The City of Armadale is located 27km south of Perth, extending from the coastal plain into the hills and valleys of the Darling Range. Originally occupied by the Noongar Aborigines many thousands of years before European settlement, the Armadale-Kelmscott area was first settled in 1830 after the site had been explored by Ensign Dale, only a year after the Swan River Colony was established.

The richness of the City’s history and heritage is well documented and displayed in the History House Municipal Museum, part of the historic precinct located in Minnawarra Park, astride the Neerigen Brook at Armadale. In addition, other tourist attractions such as the Elizabethan Village and Pioneer World, a magnificently recreated and picturesque replica of an 1880’s early settlers village, offer visitors and day trippers much more than the usual. Further afield, the localities of Roleystone and Bedfordale contain some of Armadale’s most glorious scenery, with Heritage Country Tourist Route 205 being developed to allow visitors to appreciate the beauty found in these areas. Forrestdale, which boasts a significant nature reserve, has been recognised by the world environmental movement as a site deserving complete protection.

The Armadale Visitor Centre is worth a visit, and houses the Bert Tyler Machinery Museum, the Armadale Telegraph Outpost Centre, arts and crafts shops and tourist information.

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