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Mt Barker

Mt Barker is located astride the Albany Highway, 360km south of Perth, and is the administrative centre of the Plantagenet shire.

Well known as an important agricultural region, the area is now emerging as the state’s fastest growing viticulture district with famous name wineries located within the district. Labels like Goundries, Chatfield, Plantagaenet, Alcoomi and Gilberts just to name a few.

Over 500 varieties of wildflower have been recorded many of which are found nowhere else in the world.

Just a 15 minute drive east of Mount Barker is the Porongurup National Park. Formed over 1100 million years ago, this ancient landform rises abruptly from the surrounding farmland and is described as a forest island. Lovers of nature will be amazed at the huge variety of wildlife and fauna.


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