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Along the South Western Highway, the Donnybrook region is often referred to as the “fruit bowl” of Western Australia. A wide range of fruit and vegetables are grown in the area, but the best known export is, without doubt, the apple. Donnybrook is home to the Lady Williams apple – a chance seedling, found in 1935, resulting in a unique apple variety. Anyone visiting the area in Spring time (October/November) will be rewarded with fantastically colourful displays of fruit trees, blossoming across rolling hillsides. Before returning home, visitors can also stock up with quality fruit and vegetables – available from local businesses at special prices.

Those who enjoy fruit of another kind, can visit one of the many wineries in the area. Vineyards and cellar door sales is one of the fastest growing businesses in the area, and free tastings ensure that visitors get ample opportunity to try out one of the many varieties of wine produced locally.

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