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Situated 267km and a 3 hour drive southwest of Perth, Bridgetown is located literally in the centre of the South-West amidst rolling farmlands and orchards, close to forests and National Parks, wineries, heritage walks and trails, and some of the state’s most stunning heritage buildings. Bridgetown was recognised as a “Heritage Town” in 2000, because of the rare combination of old world charm and modern facilities.
Many fine old building have been restored to their former glory, including the post office, old gaol, police quarters and “Bridgedale”, the home built in 1862 by one of the areas first settlers, John Blechynden. Bridgetown is the only town given ‘Historic Town’ status by the National Trust of Australia.
Bridgetown is the place to head to for tranquility and an escape from the everyday. Once the apple-growing centre of the state, Bridgetown is now better known for its lush green countryside, cool winter mornings and clear starry nights. It’s also one of the best places to access the mighty Blackwood River. Not surprisingly Bridgetown hosts some major water sports events including the longest powerboat race in the world, the Blackwood Classic and the Blackwood Marathon Relay.
Bridgetown’s reputation for staging festive events is growing. The annual Blues at Bridgetown festival triples the town’s population overnight, while others such as the Festival of Country Gardens and the Chamber Music Festival also draw large crowds.


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