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Augusta is a popular holiday town 320km from Perth on the states southwest tip and just 9km from the Cape Leeuwin lighthouse where the Indian Ocean and the southern ocean meet.

Famous for its limestone caves and diverse fauna and flora. Four caves have been developed in the area and invite the visitor to experience a range of different cave environments. Jewel Cave, discovered in 1957, is home to the largest straw stalactite in the world. The Moondyne Adventure Cave is the most recently developed cave and provides the visitor with first hand experience into caving.

Armed with full caving gear you can take a tour of discovery through the underground wilderness with experienced cavers – less energetic and suitable for tourists of all ages is Lake Cave. Mammoth Cave – formed over 150,000 years ago, gives the visitor the opportunity to explore and view prehistoric fauna over 35,000 years ago, Guided tours of the caves operate every day.