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Gold was discovered on new years day 1892 in Cue and a few months later water, almost as valuable as gold, was also found. Cue soon became a boomtown and many splendid stone buildings were constructed. Some have been restored. The Queen of the Murchison hotel is a good example; first built in 1938 only to close in 1955 “The Queen” was restored and opened again in 1995 to provide food and shelter for travellers.
650 Km. north of Perth, Cue is a popular first night stop for visitors heading north on the Great Northern Highway and a road heads west past Wilga Mia ochre cave thought to be the oldest mine in the world where the aboriginals have mined the red ochre used in their ceremonial paintings for over 30,000 years. The road traverses open rangeland country through huge sheep stations (ranches) Like Wooleen Station were visitors are made very welcome and ultimately connects with the North West Coastal Highway and the Shark Bay world Heritage Area and Monkey Mia.



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