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Its immense and complex landscape encompasses spectacular gorges, waterfalls, cave systems, rainforests and astonishing variety of wildlife. Huge turtles, fresh and saltwater crocodiles share this ancient land with the unique kangaroos and wallabies. Floral treasures include many wildflowers, waterlilies, palms and magnificent Boab trees.

The Kimberley is remote and has fewer people per kilometer than almost any other place on the planet. From the pearl coast at Broome in the West to the historic town of Wyndham in the East, the Kimberley is a vast and exciting wilderness area. The Kimberley has a host of quality hotels and accommodation, caravan parks and camping grounds. There is a large variety of sea, air and ground tours plus self-drive options.
Kimberley Coast – Wild Bush Luxury, Kuri Bay.

Getting there is part of the experience: Accessible only by seaplane or helicopter via a spectacular coastal air safari, the flight from Broome takes in the Buccaneer Archipelago, an extraordinary spread of islands, rock formations, patterned mangroves, tidal swirls and the famous Horizontal Falls.

Kuri Bay provides an extraordinary setting for discovering the secret story of Australia’s last frontier – the Kimberley! It is also the story behind Australia’s first South Sea pearl farm and the Paspaley family’s remarkable journey to producing the world’s finest pearls.

Days are filled exploring the coastline and learning both the natural and human stories of the region – the whispered truth of 7ft tall Aboriginal people; the heroics and tragedy of the 1864 Settlement; and the zeal and fortitude of the early missionaries. There is the story of Camden Sound, one of the world’s greatest Humpback Whale calving grounds of Montgomery Reef and cascading tidal waterfalls, of the foreigners who came to these shores to start the Kimberley’s famed yet secretive pearling industry, of mangrove lined creeks and stalking barramundi, and of fresh water billabongs ideal for a cooling dip.

Just 5 guest rooms are tucked away in a Broome style building overlooking the bay, while a few Wild Bush Luxury touches ensure comfort, style and a truly remarkable Kimberley experience.

Kuri Bay oozes history and character – a stay here blends a magnificent coastal setting with a laid back rustic style of luxury – with every effort made to retain the sense and feel of a working pearl farm. Just 5 guest rooms are tucked away in a Broome style building overlooking the bay. The Pearlers’ Bar is the setting to swap stories over an early evening sundowner, menus highlight local delicacies, including fresh fish and pearl meat with wines sourced from the Paspaley family’s own vineyards in eastern Australia.