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El Questro Wilderness Park

El Questro Station

El Questro Wilderness Park is one of the world’s most unique holiday destinations. The property is over 1 million acres in size in the heart of Australia’s Kimberley region, and offers a truly Australian experience.
Boasting 3 freestanding Cliff Side Retreats, all offer sweeping views of the spectacular Chamberlain River as it flows from the heart of the gorge.

The Station is the heart of El Questro and is home to the Swinging Arm Bar and the Saturday Night BBQ under the stars. It has two types of accommodation – air conditioned bungalows and Riverside Camping
Emma Gorge Resort is hidden within the El Questro Cockburn Ranges and offers facilities for the whole family. Emma Gorge offers extremely comfortable tented cabins, each with their own private facilities.

The Homestead is perched on a cliff with panoramic views of the Chamberlain River. The exclusive Homestead is a boutique-style accommodation, and is open only between April and October annually. It caters to a maximum of just 18 discerning guests who are each treated to the highest levels of service, dining experiences and restrained luxury.