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Millstream Chichester National Park

Millstream Chichester National Park attracts over 20,000 tourists and locals year round. Winter is the best time to visit between May and August, when there is little rain and warm day time temperatures.

The Chichester Range rises sharply from the Pilbara coastal plain before plunging into tranquil gorges and hidden rock pools, including the picturesque Python Pool which is easily accessible by road and holds fresh water year round. Deeper into the park, accessible only by unsealed roads, the Fortescue River flows creating deep pools like Crossing Pool & Deep Reach, whilst fresh water springs create lushly tropical areas like Chinderwarriner Pool which typify Millstream.

All though there are shady camping areas near Crossing Pool and Deep Reach at this time there are no formal accommodation facilities with in the park and camping facilities are limited to fresh water. If you are planning to spend extended time within the park please ensure you have adequate supplies.

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