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Lake Argyle

Lake Argyle 72km. South East of Kununurra is a giant freshwater inland sea some 800 square kilometres in area and is the largest body of fresh water in Australia and holds over 50 times the volume of water in Sydney Harbour.

Formed by the Damming of the Ord River in 1972, Lake Argyle is rich in native flora and fauna and wildlife cruises of the lake depart every day from the Lake Argyle Tourist Village.

There are some 70 islands throughout the lake which were once the tops of high ranges these islands are now haven to a variety of native marsupials and reptiles.

A commercial fishing industry has developed on the lake and it is estimated that the waters are home to over 25.000 Fresh water crocodiles.

There is a long-range plan to pipe this abundant water supply to the more arid regions of the south.


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