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New Norcia

New Norcia

Just one and a half hours drive north of Perth on the great northern highway is the Monastery of New Norcia.

Founded by Dom Rosendo Salvardo in 1846, New Norcia is today the home of 19 Benedictine monks.

After 150 years the Monastery has opened its doors to visitors who can stroll the olive groves and secret courtyards. The 27 buildings reflect strong ties with Spanish architecture and dominate the surrounding bush. The interiors are richly decorated and house Old Master works of art and extravagant furniture and furnishings.

The town as a whole is registered on the National Estate. A visit to the Museum and art gallery is a must. Here the visitor will find one of the finest collections of movable heritage in Australia.

New Norcia is easily included as part of a self drive day tour from Perth.

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