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Beacon is a small farming community on the outskirts of the wheatbelt, about 330km north-east of Perth.

It is well known for its farming community which is involved in rearing sheep and cattle and trying to cultivate crops on marginal and sometimes harsh hectares, which all too soon give way to semi-arid and then full-blown, uninhabited desert country.

With a human population of approximately only 180 people, vastly outnumbered by sheep and cockatoos, this is not a thriving centre but it is a haven for beautiful birds and seasonal wildflowers that grow around August and September.

When at Beacon, be sure to visit places like the Karroun Hill Nature Reserve, (50 km northeast of the town), bordered by the emu-proof fence and the Datjoin Well and Rock Reserve.  These sites are well known for being good places to spot the abundant birdlife and seasonal wildflowers of the area.  Keep an eye out for the beautiful Major Mitchell’s cockatoo and the Red-tailed black cockatoo, the two main birds that flock to this area.

Wildflowers to spot around August and September include the Sandpaper Wattle, Spider Orchids, Grevillea and Hakea.  Nearby on Bimbijy Road are the large and impressive granite outcrops of Mount Churchman and the Dromedaries.

If you’re looking for a quiet holiday away from the city, where animals outnumber people, or a twitcher wanting to spot some beautiful native birds, Beacon is the destination for you.


For more information on Beacon, visit the Beacon Visitor Centre website at https://beaconwa.com.au/


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