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Shark Bay

The Shark Bay World Heritage Region of Western Australia’s mid north is a Mecca for visitors to the North of the state.

Added to the World Heritage list in 1991 Shark Bay is one of a handful of Heritage sites that meets all criteria required for entry onto this prestigious list without the need for compromise.

Described as an area of immense importance in the world’s evolutionary history and at Hamelin Pool the ancient Stromatolites are an example of the earliest live forms on earth.

The Shell Beach continues to amaze visitors. The beach stretching for as far as the eye can see is covered in a layer of tiny White Sea shell in some places as much as 10 meters deep.

The immense seagrass beds of the Marine Park contain the largest number of sea grass species in the world and are home to 10% of the worlds remaining population of Dugong this shy air breathing mammal lives in the protection of this well managed Marine park.

Terrestrial and marine birds abound and county is a blaze of colour in the spring months (Sep/Oct) when hundreds of flowering plans are in bloom. Many of these species are unique to the Shark Bay World Heritage area.

Shark Bay