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At the Northern Tip of the North West Cape is the town of Exmouth, over 1270 Km from Perth the region is popular with visitors who come for the diving, big game fishing and the winter climate.

Exmouth came into prominence in the 1960s when it was selected as the location for the very low frequency radio station to provide communications for U.S. submarines.

The Canyons and superb beaches of the Cape Range National Park attract visitors who enjoy being close to nature. Boat ride on Yardie Creek to see the rock wallabies. Offshore the visitor can get up close to the spectacular Whale Shark who visit late summer. You can enter the water and swim with these harmless plankton-eating giants.

Exmouth is served daily by Skywest airlines and there are numerous packed tours and self-drive itineraries available from Perth. The best time to dive in Exmouth is between April and November, avoiding the high temperatures experienced during summer.


Exmouth Whale Shark fit