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Monkey Mia

For over 30 years a pod of wild Bottle Nosed Dolphins have delighted visitors with their intelligence and grace by swimming into the shallows of a remote pristine beach in the heart of the Shark Bay World Heritage region of Western Australia’s Mid North.

Monkey Mia is 27 km. North east of the small town of Denham in Western Australia’s mid north. Most mornings the dolphins arrive in small groups and remain in the shallows for up to an hour, a small amount of fresh fish is fed to each dolphin but never more than one third of their daily food requirement; this practice is to ensure that these wild creatures do not become dependant on handouts. The dolphins usually arrive between 7 AM and midday and at different times during the day. Weather conditions and tides may influence the dolphins arrival times.

Visitors may reach Monkey Mia by road (850km. From Perth). Accommodation in a wide variety of styles is offered at the Monkey Mia Dolphin Resort overlooking the dolphin beach. We offer special self-drive tour plans and inclusive fly-in packages with Skywest airlines from Perth to Monkey Mia.

Sea Kayaks, Glass bottom boats, snorkel and fishing gear is available for hire off the beach.

Choose from a range of popular wildlife cruises on the calm waters of the bay – an ideal opportunity to see the unique marine life of the Shark Bay Marine Park up close.
Several times each day there is a glass bottom boat cruise to the nearby working pearl farm where visitors can watch the cultured pearl process and buy pearls and jewellery direct from the farm.
Every morning there is a 4×4 tour via the desert coast to the amazing shell beach and the Stromatolites of Hamelin Pool.

Monkey Mia