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Gloucester National Park

Right on Pemberton’s door step is the Gloucester National Park, home to the most famous karri of all, the Gloucester Tree. At 60 metres tall the Gloucester Tree towers above Pemberton and used to serve as a fire lookout, now it’s a scenic spot for visitors to enjoy.

For those not keen on heights a number of walks start and finish at the Gloucester Tree. The Bibbulmun Track also passes through the Park. To the south west of the town is the Cascades, where the Lefroy Brook flows over a series of rocky shelves. The gentle flow of mid summer becomes a turbulent torrent in winter. This popular spot is ideal for a picnic, a short walk or to try your hand at fly fishing.

The Gloucester Tree is probably Western Australia’s most famous karri tree. Built in 1947 in the highest of the tall karri trees 3km from Pemberton, this 60-metre-high giant towers above the forest. In the past, The Gloucester Tree was one of eight lookout trees built between 1937 and 1952, and foresters maintained a regular fire lookout from its lofty crown. Today, visitors climb to the cabin 58m above ground in its upper branches for sensational views of the surrounding karri forest.

Gloucester National Park